Darlene Lee, BA, CASAC Advanced

As a Substance Use Counselor, Darlene is tasked with helping clients reach their goals. She conducts Extended Assessments and Enrollments for new clients. Once enrolled, Darlene provides individual counseling using an eclectic style of therapy and strategies to help her clients achieve success. Darlene has a long history as a counselor, including being a group… Continue reading Darlene Lee, BA, CASAC Advanced

Charles Cruz, CASAC

Charles brings a positive, upbeat mindset to work each day as he helps clients get through recovery. Charles utilizes an array of therapies and strategies to help people with addiction issues reach their goals and maintain them. He’s always there for his clients when they have setbacks and helps them get through any difficult situation.… Continue reading Charles Cruz, CASAC

Anabelle Soto, LCSW, SIFI

As the Clinical Director for Success Counseling, Anabelle is tasked with overseeing the clinical services offered at Success Counseling. She ensures the quality of the services provided is of the highest caliber and in accordance with OASAS regulations. Anabelle offers her support to the clinical staff so they, in turn, can support their clients. Anabelle’s… Continue reading Anabelle Soto, LCSW, SIFI

Kenneth Hart, CASAC Advanced

Along with being a primary counselor, Kenneth also supervises Success Counseling’s staff by offering guidance and support. With over 17 years of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his position. Kenneth is passionate about helping his clients find employment and housing as they acclimate to a new life. Kenneth’s past employment includes working… Continue reading Kenneth Hart, CASAC Advanced