We have an insurance navigator who can assist you with enrolling in an insurance plan. We also offer sliding scale payment plans, and commercial insurance billing, prioritizing treatment over financial ability.

Sure! If you don’t have insurance, we will send your information to our insurance navigator right away to determine if you are eligible or not. Then we will set you up with an appointment as soon as possible.

We recognize that addiction has detrimental effects on those near and dear. That’s why we offer treatment and support to spouses and partners, regardless of whether their significant other is enrolled in one of our programs. Contact one of our care associates today to find out if our services are the right fit for you.

It is determined on an individual basis. Treatment usually last 6-8 months

Yes. We have great resources where we can help determine if you are eligible for an HRA voucher. If you already have a voucher, we can help find the right public housing unit for you. We also have many resources that can help you with rental assistance and apartment finding.

Yes, we can help you sign up for all public assistance and Welfare benefits that you are eligible for.

18 years and older.

In addition to our partnership with MANA transportation and Access-A-Ride, we also provide free metro cards and transportation coordination services to and from our facility.

ID, social security card, birth certificate, insurance card, and release papers if necessary.

Be free.
Stay free.

Our fervent goal is to help each client achieve and maintain abstinence from mind- or mood-altering substances in order to enjoy an improved quality of life as reflected in the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of daily living.

In short: we help people
live their best life.

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