As an outpatient addiction treatment and mental wellness organization, we invest all our resources in your brightest tomorrow.

Whether you arrive under compulsory or voluntary initiative, we welcome you into an atmosphere of honesty, fairness, courtesy and respect.

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Everything you need to get back on track.

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We provide comprehensive counseling, education, and treatment—both mandated and voluntary—for all Success clients.


Our compassionate team has the expertise to help you arrange services, find healthcare, and get support for daily living.

Individual &
Group Counseling

From helping yourself to empowering you to provide support for someone you love, our counseling professionals are your guide.


Learn to escape the chains of addiction with personalized outpatient support designed to help you grow at your
own pace.


Our prevention initiative is designed to help you gain the skills, support, and resources you need to break free, and stay free.

Psychiatric &
Medical Assessment

Our compassionate medical director provides personal evaluations before and throughout treatment to help maximize your long-term success.


Easily fulfill mandated requirements with classes and personalized support in domestic violence, anger management, and parenting.

HIV Testing &

We provide easy access to rapid HIV testing, medication-assisted treatment, counseling, and education.


Fulfill your mandate with comprehensive courses.

Join a class that gives you the tools and insight to build a better future:

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Provide a more constructive, enriching home life for your family with experienced guidance to help both parent and child succeed.

Domestic Violence

Improve your approach, inside and out, with professional support for evaluating and solving problems without causing pain.

Anger Management

Discover how to find and maintain calm in all situations with personalized help and resources from our emotional success experts.


Check out our favorite Success stories

“I have been seeing my counselor since October 2021. He is so wonderful and caring to myself and all his patients. He is always supportive and compassionate and allows me to call him whenever I need to. There were times when I was not in a good place, and after I spoke with my counselor, I finally calmed down and was in a much better head space. My life is not very easy, but at least I have my counselor to coach me through it and hopefully I will continue to make progress and become my best self.”

- D. Azikiwe

“Success Counseling is a wonderful organization! I truly enjoy my counseling and therapy sessions because my counselor always makes sure my needs are met. I also benefit from connecting with Success Counseling’s CRPA, who supports and understands how I feel. After starting with Success Counseling, I can proudly say that I am enrolled in college, obtained a job, and I am on track to complete my mandated courses very soon! Thanks to Success, I am no longer alone. I can always call my counselors if I need to speak to them. ”

- T. Cruz

“I am writing on behalf of Success Counseling Services with whom I am currently getting services from. Since July 2021, my counselor has been tremendously helpful with everything I need. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all the staff at Success Counseling for giving me the tools I need to be successful. I am forever grateful.”

- C. Garcia


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Our outpatient clinic model helps you integrate daily schedules with regular counseling and treatment. Enrollment is quick, easy, and flexible.

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Our fervent goal is to help each client achieve and maintain abstinence from mind- or mood-altering substances in order to enjoy an improved quality of life as reflected in the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of daily living.

In short: we help people
live their best life.

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