With heart, knowledge, and discipline, our experienced staff
works to empower you to attain your true potential
in an atmosphere of honesty, fairness, courtesy and respect.

road you take,
we help you
find your way.

While many of our clients are referred for mandatory treatment by the Criminal Justice System or Child Preventive Services, we accept referrals from many other agencies, treatment programs and shelters as well as self-referrals.

Regardless of how they reach us, we make extensive efforts to provide a thorough evaluation for each and every individual entrusted to our care.

Support for you,
your family,
and your
significant other.

We understand that partners and families often experience adverse effects of their loved one’s struggle. In our efforts to treat ‘the whole person’ in every situation, we also provide individual and group therapy to families and partners of those in need.

Whether your loved ones are currently undergoing treatment with us or have yet to seek help, we provide the tools families need to survive and thrive.


Treating the
whole person.

Our specialists take the time to evaluate every aspect of your situation, working to provide you with comprehensive support to address your existing concerns:

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Whether treatment is under parole stipulations or to assist with mental health issues, we offer empathetic, proactive services for a smoother transition.

Substance Use Disorder

Work with our skilled therapists for educational, psychiatric, and medical support that encourages and helps maintain recovery.

Opioid Addiction

Beyond support, we plan and monitor treatment through Medical Assisted Therapy (MAT), referring to ongoing services as needed.

Nicotine Addiction

When you want to quit, we can incorporate Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and education into your existing recovery plan.

Problem Gambling

Clients who seek support for gambling issues will receive additional support, referrals, and resource materials to aid them in their future recovery.


We provide comprehensive counseling, education, and treatment—both mandated and voluntary—for all Success clients.

ACS Cases

We take an individualized approach to situations of child abuse and neglect, offering support services to enhance the chance of success for each family.

Be free.
Stay free.

Our fervent goal is to help each client achieve and maintain abstinence from mind- or mood-altering substances in order to enjoy an improved quality of life as reflected in the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of daily living.

In short: we help people
live their best life.

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