Mindy Gelbtuch, LMSW

Dwayne Wallace, CRPA

Jesus Vega- Cabrera, CASAC-T

Natalie Faladova, BS, CASAC-T

Natalie focuses on helping her clients maintain their sobriety and successfully integrate back into society upon release from prison. Through acceptance and empathy she is able to get her clients back on track. Seeing her clients succeed is a rewarding experience that keeps Natalie motivated every day and has inspired her to take the CASAC… Continue reading Natalie Faladova, BS, CASAC-T

Louis Ballard, CASAC

For the past five years, Louis has been helping his clients overcome their substance use disorder issues. He uses a variety of therapeutic skills and techniques to connect with his clients and guide them through recovery. Louis provides them with tools and skills to help them maintain sobriety. Louis was a hospital phlebotomist prior to… Continue reading Louis Ballard, CASAC

Anthony Rosa, CASAC-T

Anthony brings a positive attitude to his position as a substance abuse counselor. His goal is to help individuals suffering from addiction overcome their issues and become productive members of society. With varied therapies and techniques, he enables his clients to overcome their addictions and maintain sobriety. When Anthony isn’t helping his clients, he enjoys… Continue reading Anthony Rosa, CASAC-T

Shantae Scullark, CASAC-T

Shantae works with her clients to help them face their addictions head on and get a new lease on life. Shantae uses a range of tools and techniques to help them achieve success and maintain their sobriety. She pulls from her past experiences as a youth counselor to keep her clients on the right path.… Continue reading Shantae Scullark, CASAC-T

Will Webb, CRPA, Parole Liaison

The best piece of advice that Wilbert lives by is to take it one day at a time and that’s what he teaches his clients. Wilbert provides non-clinical support services by relating to his clients through his own personal experiences. When Wilbert isn’t busy helping people, he can be found casting a line with his… Continue reading Will Webb, CRPA, Parole Liaison

Terrence Reid, BA, CASAC Advanced

Terrence oversees our intake department, ensuring every screening is done efficiently. He is constantly seeking out new ways to make the process even smoother so clients feel comfortable and cared for from the very beginning of treatment. According to Terrence, the key to supervising a department is to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. He… Continue reading Terrence Reid, BA, CASAC Advanced

Gene DiGiacomo, CASAC-T

As a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor, Gene works with clients on issues including substance abuse, anger management, domestic violence and more. In addition to his work with clients, Gene implemented a formal training program for new employees as well as in-service training for current staff. Gene is a former military veteran, police detective… Continue reading Gene DiGiacomo, CASAC-T