Josh Greenfeld

As CEO, Josh is focused on delivering an employee/patient experience that meets the unique and changing needs of everyone who walks through our doors. Always looking for ways to improve the services we provide and the interactions between our staff and our clients, Josh has a vision of how care should be and is working… Continue reading Josh Greenfeld

Sarah Wiederman

Sarah is responsible for the day-to-day business operations of Success Counseling. She ensures our organization runs smoothly and efficiently, taking care of problems quickly. Sarah is also our HR manager and handles all things relating to our employees. A positive attitude is the key to Sarah’s continued success. Sarah comes to us from the nonprofit… Continue reading Sarah Wiederman

Maria Stone

As an Intake Coordinator, Maria manages the registration process for clients coming to Success Counseling. She is responsible for compiling patient records, gathering medical histories, handling referrals, scheduling, taking insurance information and ensuring everything is up-to-date and accurate. Maria is also experienced in working with medical records, ensuring they are properly organized. Maria enjoys walking… Continue reading Maria Stone

Taneesha Riddick

Taneesha is charged with making sure insurance coverage is up-to-date, billing the insurance companies for services rendered, assuring all notes are submitted in a timely fashion and preparing reports. Taneesha takes it one step at a time to assure nothing falls through the cracks and everything runs smoothly. Taneesha worked her way up from Administrative… Continue reading Taneesha Riddick

Maria Cancel

Maria is the administrative assistant who keeps the office humming. Success Counseling would be lost without Maria’s kind voice on the phones, meticulous filing and superior data entry skills. Maria has been working since she was 13 years old and brings her sunny disposition and positive attitude wherever she goes.