Open Position

Substance Use Disorder Counselor


Primary responsibility for this front-line position is the development, implementation and documentation of client treatment. The counselor must at all times follow OASAS guidelines and Success Counseling Services, Inc. policy.


  • Must possess CASAC-T certification or present special experience subject to approval by Clinical Director
  • Progress toward/maintenance of CASAC credential is expected
  • College degree or credits toward a degree in related field is desired

Specific Knowledge/Skills

  •  Continuing knowledge of OASAS Regulations governing Part 822 CD MS-OP Programs
  • Continuing knowledge of Success Counseling policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of core functions of substance abuse
  • Ability to facilitate effective diverse group counseling sessions using Evidence Based Practices
  • Possess communication skills required to engage clients to further treatment using EBP and other approved clinical approaches
  • Ability to write required documentation in logical and concise manner
  • Knowledge of Medicaid eligibility
  • Ability to communicate effectively with supervisor(s) and co-workers
  • Ability to utilize computer to create, store, access and print agency documentation as required

Reports to:

Clinical Director

Evaluated by:

Clinical Director

General Responsibilities/Duties

  • Maintain client caseload as assigned by the Clinical Director
  • Maintain client charts in a manner consistent with policies of OASAS and Success Counseling Services, Inc.
  • Maintain and report all client schedules for Master Counselor Scheduling Grid
  • Prepare for and facilitate group counseling sessions as assigned
  • Prepare for and conduct individual counseling sessions as scheduled
  • Participate as a member of the Interdisciplinary Team Seek and participate in training opportunities to improve skills and knowledge
  • Conduct screening and all related consent, notices and admission information
  • Conduct client interviews sufficient to prepare psychosocial documentation
  • Prepare initial and treatment plan reviews within timeframe and guidelines
  • Prepare amended treatment plans as required by client situations
  • Communicate with outside agencies with appropriate documented oral and written communication
  • Ensure client appointments and follow-up is completed for insurance coverage
  • Ensure Medical Assessments are scheduled and completed within guidelines
  • Submit all billing and related supporting documentation by the end of the day that service is provided
  • Obtain random urine samples from clients • Ensure client charts are maintained in central file location
  • Prepare discharge documentation according to discharge procedures
  • Review client attendance and perform outreach to absent clients on a daily basis
  • Report client circumstances where appropriate to Supervisor and/or IDT
  • Assist other staff members where requested or needed during business hours

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