Assessment & Evaluation

Success Counseling Services, Inc., is licensed by the New York State Office of
Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) to provide community based
treatment of chemical addiction.  We operate in a confidential office space and we
are open six days per week.  Success Counseling Services, Inc. is committed to
offering needed services to the people of the High Bridge area and throughout the
South Bronx.

Our team is a multi-disciplinary staff of professionals with many years of experience
in the field of substance abuse treatment.  There are staff and treatment team
meetings conducted weekly to keep everyone abreast of all client charts.  

Based on a thorough assessment, the client and counselor develop a treatment
plan addressing each client's specific needs.  The treatment plan is utilized to assist
the client in identifying triggers that may lead to use and developing relapse
prevention strategies.
Success Counseling Services, Inc.
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